Every person enjoys a good meal. The world has so many food and meal restaurants that are catering to various cuisines and can be found anywhere. In fact, there are so many different cuisines as well. However, there are some countries known for their food, and they are:
a) Turkey: This country has meals which are influenced by not only the Middle Eastern countries but also the Europeans as well. The dishes are cooked mainly in olive oil and these have a lot of spices. Their famous foods are kofte and kebabs.
b) America: Americans like grilled meat and seafood. They also love fast to cook foods, and that is why fast foods are so popular. Their most popular foods are hamburgers and pizzas. Whiskey and beer too figure in their favorite food list.
c) Japan: Their food is mainly seafood, and they grill or deep fry their fish. They use soy sauce as their main ingredient, and they use a lot of boiled rice. Their food has little or no oil, and their cooking style is very different.
d) China: Chinese food is known the world over, and this usually includes sauces, rice, vegetables as well as noodles. Their desserts usually have milk and egg.
e) Greece: Greek food is Mediterranean cuisine, and this has lemon juice, grain, vegetables which are famous. The oil they use is olive oil, and they use cheese and yogurt to better the food taste. They usually cook a lot of hens, lamb, and rabbit. They also add honey to their meal.
f) India: Indian cuisine has various varieties based on the region it comes. The food is spicy, and usually, the potato is a staple food.
g) Spain: Spanish food has various dishes which are cooked in olive oil.
h) Mexico: This mainly consists of bean, chili and corn. There is a lot of meat too which makes up Mexican food.

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Which Countries Have The Best Food
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