Trucking Accidents

Whether they involve drunk driving or hit-and-run incidents, uninsured or underinsured drivers, rollovers, tractor-trailer collisions, or fatigued or inattentive driving, truck accidents often lead to injuries to people and damage to property.Truck accident attorneys

The commercial trucking industry is heavily regulated by both the federal government and state governments. Commercial truck drivers are supposed to follow a variety of rules related to the number of hours they can drive before resting, the inspections that they must conduct before driving, the upkeep of their vehicles’ breaks, the securing of the loads they carry, and more. If a commercial truck driver violates any safety rule and the violation results in injury to someone else, the driver is likely to be held responsible for the harm that resulted from his negligence; in many situations, the driver’s employer would likely be considered liable as well.

Our firm represents clients who have been injured by a variety of types of negligent driving. Our attorneys also represent people whose injuries were caused by defective products related to truck accidents–such as defective seatbelts, tires, or gas tanks.

Injuries resulting from truck-related accidents can be life-altering. If you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking accident, please contact us for a free consultation. 18 wheeler accident lawyers
Our experienced attorneys will evaluate the particular facts of your case, explain the options available to you, and work with the insurance companies and all the other parties involved to ensure that your medical bills are paid and that any financial damage resulting from the accident is covered by the amount that you recover. We practice throughout Texas.

Trucking Accidents – 18 wheeler Accident Attorneys

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