These are the alarming facts every dog owner should know to avoid receiving dog bite cases. For the record, the latest statistics on dog bites already rose to 4.7 million people last year in the United States alone. Visit this websitePersonal Injury Attorneys - Dog bites

Currently, there are now 62 million dogs in the US. In this number, there is a large percentage of homeowners buying fiercer more aggressive breeds and leaving their dogs more often alone at home and most of them are left unsupervised and untrained.

For those who are not aware, most dog bite cases occur when a dog remained tied up in long periods of time or most of the time they spend the day by themselves and thus, not used to strangers. But of course, most of these dogs do not have the basic, proper training.

If you love dogs and currently has one at home, it is your responsibility to be liable to dog bites or dog inflicts that may occur if your dog bites another person. You may be aware that there is a law that states an owner is not liable if beforehand he/she is not aware that his or her dog will likely hurt someone. But you should also know that this law has already changed. Now, most states already make any owner liable for any kind of harm his/her dog causes to another person. Thus, as the pet owner, you should be able to train and socialize your dog. If you worry about the costs of dog training classes, no worries, there are actually a lot of humane societies that offer low cost basic dog obedience classes. It is highly recommended that you try to enrol your dog to one of these classes.Personal Injury Lawyers

Also, please take a look at some further tips you can use below:

1. Do not let your dog run at large.

2. Always keep your dog’s vaccinations current.

3. Keep your dog out of stranger’s path such as sales people, mail carriers, and so on.

4. Keep your dog away from your front door.

Do not wait for the time when your dog bites another person. It is safe that you always keep yourself updated on how to properly train your dog and better ways to keep your dog away from places that will likely incur dog bites. Find more information here


Dog Owners be aware – Prevent your Dog biting a Person

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