Barack Obama visited Havana and thus started a new chapter in the engagement of the US with the Communist government of Cuba. This marked a significant event post the hostility of decades which existed between the two countries.
The trip by President Barack Obama was a three day one and the first to be made by a US President in 88 years. This was post the estrangement between the two countries that started in 1959.
Obama told the US Embassy staff that this was a historic opportunity where the Cuban people could be engaged with directly. In fact, this was his first stop upon arriving in Cuba. There were groups of the people who watched his motorcade from their backyards and their balconies. There were some who also stood despite the downpour and the heavy security which was there. The president as well as his family had dinner in a rundown neighborhood and then left.
Even though Obama did not continue with the policy of isolation of Cuba, still there are various obstacles which remain and these prevent the normalization of ties between the countries.
Obama was met by the Cuban Foreign minister who was the top official of Cuba present. On Monday, Obama went to the presidential palace to meet the Cuban President. He held talks with Castrol and he also met privately with the dissidents. He also attended a baseball exhibition game. However, he did not meet Fidel Castro.
The President travelled with his wife Michelle and both his daughters, Sasha and Malia. His mother in law also travelled with them. During the trip, Obama was shown sights of the neighborhood of the colonial era and also got a tour of the 18th-century cathedral of Havana.
Obama was the first president after Calvin Coolidge to arrive in Havana for a visit.

Cuba And Obama
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