Are all Air Conditioner Filters the same?

Are all Air Conditioner Filters the same?

‘All air conditioner filters are all the same!’ It’s surprising how many homeowners have this attitude.
The fact is this myth cost thousands of people hundreds of dollars a year in higher energy bills and causes many respiratory ailments. Inexpensive air conditioner filters are more costly in the long term in three critical areas: equipment life, indoor air quality and energy consumption.
If you currently use a spun fiberglass air conditioner filter that you can see through and costs about $2.00, you’re wasting your money. This type of filter only captures the large particles it doesn’t capture the smaller particles that can damage your system. When dirt is allowed to accumulate on the coil within your system it makes the evaporator fan work harder, causes the condenser line pressure to rise and stresses the compressor.Contact us @

These three quickly add up to additional energy consumption, higher costs and a shorter equipment life span. The cost of replacing a coil can run as high as $500 and a new system can cost over $4,000! Skimping on the air conditioner filter just to save a few dollars can get very expensive.

An air conditioner filter also plays a key role in keeping the air you breathe free of irritants. Many people suffer from allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems that affect their quality of life. Many cheap pleated filters promise to clean a home’s air but fall short because they don’t trap enough of the smaller particles that cause breathing problems. To tackle this situation, a higher MERV filter is the best way to go.

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and is used to help compare filter performance. A higher MERV rating indicates a better performing filter. The MERV rating you need for your comfort system comes down to your sensitivity to dust and other pollutants and the air quality issues you face in your home. Fiberglass filters are rated at a 1 MERV while most homes could see significant health benefits from an 8 MERV filter.

Energy consumption is another area that impacts the air conditioner filter you choose. A cheap filter loads up with dirt and dust faster than a high quality pleated filter because it has less surface area. As unwanted air-borne particles accumulate a filter will eventually pass its ability to function effectively. A cheap filter that is forgotten will restrict air flow and make the system work harder and waste more energy.

When should you change your air conditioner filter? It depends. Every house and comfort system is different. When you change your filter depends on many factors including the number of people who live there, whether you have pets or if you have a lot of dust and mold outside. The only way to know if it is time to change the filter is to check it monthly and commit to a set schedule to replace the old filter.

What’s the best thing you can do for your home’s comfort system? Use a high quality filter and change it on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Services like the one provided by can help any home extend equipment life, improve air quality and save on energy. We’ll ship you a quality air filter on a set schedule. It will arrive at your door on a predetermined date that you select. All you need to do is replace the old filter with the new one. It’s as easy as that.

Air conditioner filters have a major impact on your home environment. Understanding this small fact can save you money and improve your health.

The Air Conditioner Filters Made Easy program helps you to remember when it is time to change your filter.
When you enroll in this simple program your home air filters are delivered to your home when you need them. All you need to do is change the old dirty filter with the new one. You’ll never forget to change your filter again so your system will work closer to maximum efficiency all the time.
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Progressive Auto Insurance

In the course of the essay that appears before you we`ll lay down you tips on the manner in which the notion of progressive auto insurance quote can sometimes grow to be growingly educating from your perspective. With the aim of ensuring that everybody has and will be able to afford auto coverage, governing bodies in 1 U.S. state have founded a novel motor vehicle insurance scheme geared at residents who are in the low-income group. This plan is intended to make it possible to eliminate the number of drivers without any form of insurance who`re out there on the road, and correspondingly reducing the financial overload that a lot of motor vehicle insurance providers and insured drivers take on on account of the considerable amount of uninsured motorists who are traveling the road. contact us @
Under the provisions of the law, this U.S. state`s residents have to carry a minimal sum of $15,000 for each person for losses that result when the policyholder-driver inflicts bodily injuries on others (called bodily injury liability coverage), 30 thousand dollars for each eventuality, and $5,000 to cover property damage. Reasonable insurance minimal criteria, even though they are ones that typically include higher instant online insure premiums – resulting in financial worries for a lot of residents that lack the financial wherewithal to spend on cars insure.

By introducing this program, the state authorities are striving to ensure that autos insurance is reasonably priced and equally accessible for all drivers, irrespective of their income level. As it stands, the innovative low cost online automobiles insurance program offers a slimmed down variety of the ongoing plan, making it legal for authorized motorists to be insured for $ 10,000 for each individual for liability coverage arising from bodily injury, $20,000 per instance, and $3,000 to take care of property damage.

To be able to qualify for this lower rate online autos insurance plan, the potential insurer has to be a driver in good standing, be a resident of one of the counties included in the program, the household gross annual income must not go beyond 250 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL), besides which the worth of their vehicle must not go beyond 20 thousand dollars. In order to look at a detailed list of the federal poverty levels of income, and the eligible levels of income, you might check on the internet.

In order to qualify as `drivers of good standing`, automobile owners are necessarily required to comply with these standards:

1. Be not less than 19 years of age and must have been holding a driver`s license and operating a car for at least three consecutive years
2. Must not have any motor vehicle felony or driving misdemeanor convictions on their driving profile
3. Must not have any documented record of an at-fault accident entailing physical harm or death during the past three years
4. Must not have more than one property-damage-only insurance claim wherein they were found responsible or no more than 1 point for committing a moving violation (whether infractions, misdemeanors or felonies) over the last 3 years
5. Must not be a college student claiming to be a dependent family member for federal or state income tax purposes
6. Cannot have an effective liability insurance agreement (to protect the insured from the financial consequences of damages claimed by third parties) for another vehicle
7. Must show they have been uninterruptedly licensed for 1 1/2 years in the United States or Canada, when earlier issued a license in a country other than the US

The price of the auto coverage online program varies on a case-by-case basis, on the basis of their place of residence and also on if drivers elect to include medical payments coverage (that pays the medical cost to an injured party regardless of whether the insured is legally liable) to their online cars assurance policy. In addition to the fixed interest rates, there`s an additional 25 % extra charge levied on bachelors who are in the 19 – 24 age group, because this population group statistically is responsible for the more accidents than any other age group.
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What Are The Natural Health Trends

Everyone tries to be more healthy and here are the top trends of the year.
a) Sea greens: There is a lot of environmental as well as the nutritional benefit offered by sea greens. There are various options such as kelp, nori, kombu, red as well as green algae and sea asparagus to name a few. Sea vegetables are preferred as they are fat-free and they have the low amount of calories. However, they are rich when it comes to minerals, chlorophyll, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and so much more – all these land vegetables due to demineralization have lost. These have a lot of flavors, and they are rich in iodine. Thus the weight and metabolism are regulated, and it increases the energy, growth, and development. They are eco-friendly and can be grown sustainably. These do not have much of an impact on the environment as well. These have balanced combinations of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, trace minerals and iron
b) Vitamin C and D, when added to the sunscreen, boosts the collagen of the skin and decreases the wrinkles. Vitamin D helps in the functioning of the body symptoms.
c) There are chips which are now available made of root veggies, coconut, lentils, and beans as well. These are healthy options.

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